Paradise Lawn Care has been concerned with the chemical used in lawn care as well as the disposal of yard waste. Now, to meet the growing needs of our environment, we have expanded to offer a com posted leaf material called humus. Leaf humus is 100% natural with no chemicals or sludge added.

Leaf humus is the crumbly end product that results from decomposing organic matter. Microorganisms break down the leaf material into humus. It has a nearly neutral PH, ranging from 6.9 – 7 .2, which is perfect (except for acid-loving plants).

Leaf humus as a soil conditioner- In clay soils, leaf humus improves soil aeration and drainage and encourages deeper root development. In sandy soils, it improves water retention and increases the soil’s ability to hold nutrients in the roots of plants, resulting in fewer applications of fertilizer. There is no danger of burning plant roots if overuse occurs, therefore, leaf humus can be applied anytime in spring, summer or fall.

Leaf humus as a mulch – Humus provides built-in protection against drought, maintains soil temperature and controls weeds. Its dark, rich color gives your garden and/or landscape a well-groomed appearance.

We believe leaf humus is the best soil conditioner a gardener could hope for!

Our leaf humus can be used in Certified Organic gardening and farming.

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